Women just aren’t drinking enough beer.

Or at least that’s the conclusion of brewers in the UK, who, according to the Wall Street Journal, have decided to actively court females with new beers.

But are these efforts misguided? Recently Guinness introduced Guinness Red, a beer that is sweeter and doesn’t have as strong an aroma as Guinness’s traditional stout. According to the article,

At O’Neill’s pub in central London, few women have tried Guinness Red because they don’t know it is different than the traditional version, says manager Frank Donlon. ‘Advertising would help explain that it’s like a watered-down Guinness,’ he says. ‘A TV ad would be good.’

Mmmmm. Watered-down Guinness.

Women apparently also like their beer sweeter than men. Coors’s Blue Moon is targeted to women in the UK (although primarily drunk by men in the U.S.) and served with an orange slice “to accentuate its fruity taste.” Coors encourages bartenders to experiment with how they serve the orange slice, resulting in one pub coating it in brown sugar before hanging it off the side of a beer glass. As a woman and a beer drinker, I say keep your brown sugar far away from my ale.

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