Swing a cat in Boston and you’ll hit a pub pretending it’s Irish, so you could be forgiven for assuming that comfy pub-and-grub spot the Haven is much the same. But Haven’s menu hails from a different part of the UK, with classic Scottish dishes like neeps, haggis, and Scotch eggs on the menu, along with some more ambitious ones like barley risotto with chervil and mushrooms.

celeriac says the menu “refers to Scottish cuisine with traditional dishes and ingredients, but is a bit fresher and not tied too slavishly to the style.” Case in point: The excellent fish-and-chips dinner comes with minted mushy peas “much fresher and totally different than I recall from the UK,” says celeriac. The ketchup that comes with the fries was homemade. “Holy crap. Best part of the meal,” says Kirs.

Haggis is “not too greasy, with a nice flavor,” says mwk. That Scotch egg has a “perfectly crisp, fried exterior,” says celeriac. And gaucho14 tried the beef pie with fennel crust, pronounced both wonderful and “quite traditional.”

“Overall, good value and very solid food in a nice atmosphere,” sums up celeriac. “Not a destination restaurant but a terrific neighborhood spot.”

The Haven [Jamaica Plain]
2 Perkins Street, Boston

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