Does popcorn with chipotle caramel and almonds sound like a good idea to you? Fans of flavored popcorn owe it to themselves to sample 479° Popcorn at least once, says ipsedixit. “I just received a sampler box, and these things are, um, how do you say … evil?” It’s impossible to eat only a handful, continues ipsedixit, before adding that it justifies “pure unadulterated gluttony.”

The fleur de sel and caramel variety is “sweet and savory, sort of like yogurt-covered pretzels but without the icky, overly sweet chemical aftertaste,” says ipsedixit, and ginger sesame caramel “reminded me of what senbei would be like if those Japanese crackers were dipped in honey, or caramel in this case.”

Other flavors include the chipotle caramel corn with almonds mentioned above, and Vietnamese cinnamon sugar. sugarpop likes the black truffle and white cheddar flavor. But be warned that 479° Popcorn isn’t cheap: “Sort of like chomping on diamonds,” reckons ipsedixit.

Board Link: 479 Popcorn

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