I have a horror of those restaurants where the servers at random moments during your meal all get together and burst into song. “Quit singing and bring me another beer!” I want to yell at them. If the food at a restaurant is good, it—along with your dining companions—should be the focus. But I think I may be in the (curmudgeonly) minority, because theme restaurants are hotter than ever.

In California, the Opaque chain of restaurants wants you to have a more stimulating dining experience by eating grilled salmon and baby arugula with champagne vinaigrette in the dark. Served by visually impaired waiters.

Too ho-hum for you? WebUrbanist has a list of “15 of the Strangest Themed Restaurants,” including old friends like Thailand’s Cabbages & Condoms and oddities like Ukraine’s Eternity, a death-themed restaurant housed in a huge coffin-shaped building and run by undertakers.

If you’re easily offended, beware of clicking: Un-PC establishments like the Hobbit House in Manila—where all the servers are little people—and Mumbai’s tasteful Hitler’s Cross (renamed the Cross after protests) lurk within.

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