The Simpsons is a bona fide cultural touchstone, more familiar to Americans than the tenets of the U.S. Constitution, so it makes sense that someone might glean guidance for healthy eating from the animated TV show. That’s what Kris, at the blog Cheap Healthy Good, has done. Her post “Cutting Calories and Saving D’oh: 25 Lessons ‘The Simpsons’ Taught Me About Cheap, Healthy Eating” uses snippets from the show to illuminate some snappy advice. For instance, we all vaguely understand good-advice item number five: “It helps to stay current on news about food, nutrition, cost, and cooking, but don’t believe everything you read.” But how much more vivid does that advice become when we consider the following classic moment from The Simpsons:

Marge: I don’t have e-mail. (crowd gasps)
Homer: Oh Marge, you got to get on the Net. It’s got all the best conspiracy theories! Did you know that Hezbollah owns Little Dolly Snack Cakes?

And, sure, we all know that whole, unprocessed foods “will always be the best way to eat,” but how much more clear does this become when we read:

Homer: Wanna bite of my doughnut?
Lisa: No, thanks. Do you have any fruit?
Homer: This has purple stuff inside. Purple is a fruit.

Well, OK, maybe the lessons don’t become all that much more clear, but they certainly become more entertaining.

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