“If you name a pho specialist in the SGV there’s a very good chance I’ve been there, but, I was DEEPLY underwhelmed with the scene until I crossed Rosemead Blvd. and entered South El Monte earlier this year,” says Erik M. His absolute favorite is Pho Minh. “This is pho for those folks in search of cerebral, as opposed to merely carnal, pleasures. … My first taste, a few weeks ago, was like reconnecting with a part of me I never knew I’d lost, let alone had.”

This is the place for those who hate MSG-laden, overstuffed pho, says exilekiss: “amazingly light, authentic pho, with a beautiful beef broth could that only be achieved by slow-cooking for hours and hours.” Some may find it bland at first; keep trying it, urges exilekiss, and you’ll soon be converted to the clear, pure beauty of real pho.

Many hounds recommend Pho Minh’s dac biet pho bac—pho with slices of beef fillet. Com tam, broken rice with various pork toppings, is also excellent.

Pho Minh [San Gabriel Valley]
9646 E. Garvey Avenue #108, South El Monte

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