Mattapoisett in LA finally found fantastic fried Ipswich clams, with bellies, in a Long Beach mall. The place is called Lawton’s Famous Frankfurters, at the Pike. “They were the best I’ve had outside of New England,” says Mattapoisett. “The batter was right, the crispiness was right, the taste was really good. Oooh, and the tartar sauce was tangy and sweet all at once.” The clams have a nice sweet sea flavor, says JEN10. They are, in a word, fantastic, says SIMIHOUND.

You get a massive carton of fried belly for a mere $13. Lawton’s is a takeout place, but there are a few tables outside, right by a Ferris wheel and a merry-go-round.

The hot dog with the works is delicious, too, says JEN10. As is the fried fish, which is moist in a crunchy batter.

Lawton’s Famous Frankfurters [South Bay]
110 Bay Street, Long Beach

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