Here in New York, the City Council has passed the Lawn Litter Law, which bans businesses from leaving fliers or menus on your stoop, as long as you post a sign that reads “Do not place unsolicited advertising materials on this property.” This is good news for homeowners who are tired of cleaning up countless circulars, but bad news for mom-and-pop takeout shops that just want to get some local business.

Of course, there are other ways for restaurants to draw people in. Eater SF points us to Bizcovering, a website that has posted a fascinating list of tips for restaurant owners hoping to expand their customer base. The article offers some basic advice on creating an affordable lunch menu, hosting wine-tasting dinners, and starting an email list, but then it mentions an advertising tool that would probably make NYC’s menu-haters go ballistic—the Lucky Rock Bag:

Take a box of sandwich bags, put a river rock in the bag to weigh it down, and include your menu, a coupon, upcoming specials, and locations. You throw these out on people’s driveways. … Unfortunately, you will have a choice few that will be upset that the bag that actually landed in their driveway was purposively thrown in a bush or on their perfectly manicured lawn. I usually shrug these people off since they have never worked a day in their life in a restaurant. After all, we have free speech and this is a way for you to get your name out. That’s all I tell them.

Seems like a great idea until somebody breaks a window—or one of your friendly Brooklyn neighbors throws the Lucky Rock Bag right back at you!

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