Evilbanana11 loves dim sum–style chicken feet. “It’s like eating a sweet, wrinkled jellyfish with bones,” says Evilbanana11. “What’s not to like?” They might be braised, pickled, or stewed, and might be prepared spicy or mild, says smalt. To eat them, suck the meat and skin off, and “build yourself a little pile of bones on your plate.” Look around and you’ll notice other people spitting out bones onto their plates. Remember, “this is comfort food, not fine dining,” says smalt.

Chicken feet are essentially just skin, fat, and bone, says Midlife and, despite “the cholesterol hysteria and the small bone issue,” the flavor is excellent. Miss Needle isn’t a fan. She likes pigs’ feet, but says chicken feet are “just plain old mushy.”

Sam Fujisaka likes chicken feet braised in liquid, and then finished on the grill with barbecue sauce, “Filipino pulutan style.” He finds this superior to the dim sum preparation. “No gelatinous, limp, white foot,” he says. These chicken feet are slightly crisped and toughened, barbecue-flavored morsels, “complete with slightly charred sauce and meat parts.”

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