Seafood is the house specialty at Crab House, but it turns out that the thing to order may be halibut, not crab, says Radical437, who tried the soup made with Korean halibut (supposedly more oily than regular halibut).

“The halibut was amazing; there were three decent-sized pieces and it was unlike any halibut I’ve had before … it had a rich buttery taste and consistency, even in the soup,” Radical347 raves. “I ordered it medium spicy and it was balanced perfectly—a hint of the correct spice with every spoon of the rich seafood-flavored broth, but not overkill.” It’s $11 and comes with about half a dozen banchan, or side dishes, including a stellar marinated tofu, excellent sweet potatoes, and a very good raw cabbage salad.

The restaurant’s signature dish is halibut sashimi from live halibut, served with a side of halibut soup for $26.

Crab House [South Bay]
3395 El Camino Real, Santa Clara

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