I enjoy strong cocktails—the kind without cloyingly sweet, second-rate mixers—and I especially enjoy exotic liqueurs. My current favorite is a blend of Canada’s two best exports: whisky (no, it’s not spelled with an e) and maple syrup. In a combination that could have been really awful, Sortilège is anything but.

The maple syrup flavor takes the spotlight, while the whisky keeps the sweetness in check. Sortilège’s hints of brown sugar and caramel add dimension to bourbon- and brandy-based drinks, and remind me of warm holiday spices. Use the liqueur as a surprise ingredient in predinner cocktails, as a postmeal dessert sipper, as an ice cream topper, or in a boozy sauce to accompany your next bread pudding.

Sortilège Maple Liqueur, $26.99 for a 375-milliliter bottle

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