Amateur food photographers beware: Superchef Gordon Ramsay is coming to New York City, and your digital cameras are not welcome in his restaurant.

Writing in The New York Times on the imminent arrival of Ramsay’s first eatery in New York City, Michael Ruhlman reports that the chef will not allow patrons to take photos of his dishes:

Mr. Ramsay described the food only as “very natural” and “very proper,” adding that any patron trying to take pictures of it would be banned.

“We’re not going to stand there and gawk,” he said.

Snap-happy bloggers have tried the patience of chefs on more than one occasion. Take Adam Roberts of The Amateur Gourmet, who has brandished his digital camera under disapproving eyes at Room 4 Dessert and Shopsin’s. Or regard the now legendary tangle between Jason Storch, who runs food blog D.C. Foodies, and Buck’s Fishing and Camping (discussed at length on eGullet).

So how should bloggers and other culinary camera buffs react to Ramsay’s photo ban?

On the one hand, it seems a wee bit disingenuous for a chef who has his own reality show to be pleading against “gawking” in his restaurant. On the other hand, you know that this ex-footballer could seriously kick any food blogger’s ass.

Who in their right mind would even consider going head-to-head, or camera-to-tongs as it were, against this guy?

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