It makes sense that chain restaurants with late-night menus are seeking attention from the next generation of night owls. Last fall, Taco Bell offered $500 gift cards to 50 rock bands, in hopes of impressing the young fans of all those hungry musicians touring America. Now, Denny’s is following suit.

Its AdoptaBand program allows kids to vote on the Denny’s website for the band most worthy of free food while on tour. The chain’s also hosting Warped Tour afterparties for the bands and fans who’ve attended this traveling emo and punk rock music fest. It has even instituted the Denny’s AllNighter Rock Star Menu, which was recently unveiled to the press and sampled by New York City–based blogger the Feisty Foodie.

Apparently, the menu includes “a selection of new items that were created by bands asked to collaborate with the chefs of Denny’s.” Among these bands are emo-pop favorites the All-American Rejects, Taking Back Sunday, and Plain White T’s, whose Top 40 hit “Hey There Delilah” earned the group a Grammy nomination last year.

As for the food, one of the items is allegedly called Taking Back the Cheeseburger—it’s a plate of fries topped with all the fixings of a bacon cheeseburger, including ketchup, mustard, bacon, cheese, pickles, and tomatoes. The Feisty Foodie called the fries “addictively good,” but there’s something this Denny’s-lovin’ blogger liked even better:

The POTACHOS! (Yes, that’s an amalgam of potatoes & nachos!) I love nachos, I like potato skins… but this was somehow more wonderful than you’d think the two combined could be.

Other Rock Star items include the Plain White Shake, which involves “Vanilla ice cream, white chocolate syrup, CHEESECAKE, and white chocolate shavings atop a cloud of whipped cream.” Yup, that’s cheesecake in a milk shake, people. Needless to say, if this menu catches on, all those teeny tiny emo kids will be growing out of their skinny jeans in no time.

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