This week’s Tweet What You Eat sweepstakes is dedicated to all the Twitter newbies out there. If you’re a Twitter pro, not to worry: You can still win. Tweet what you’re eating to @CHOW, include the #lexus hashtag, and five lucky tweetin’ eaters will win $200. You have till midnight tonight (see the fine print). And after today you’ll have one more chance to win, next Thursday! If you’re a newbie, read on for a Twitter crash course.

What Is Twitter?
It’s a way to broadcast to the world what you’re eating right now, and win $200! (Think of it like a really, really short blog—each post has to be under 140 characters. Or like a text that goes out to all the people who have decided to “follow” your tweets.)

Why Should I Care?
Because you can win $200! (And because it’s entertaining to see what people can say in 140 characters, and because your friends, celebrities you’re curious about, and media outlets you love—like CHOW—all use it to post witty, smart things and links to stuff you might like.)

How Do I Get Started?
Sign up at with a username and password. It’ll then prompt you to start following people or businesses in certain categories (Food & Drink, Funny, Deals & Discounts, etc.). And then of course you can find which of your friends are tweeting too.

What Does “RT” Mean? What’s Up with All the @ Signs?
A Twitter handle will always have an @ sign in front, like @CHOW. “RT” means “retweet”; you’re taking someone else’s tweet and broadcasting it to the people following you. You can also DM someone; that’s a direct message, and only the recipient sees it. You can only DM people whom you’re following and who are following you too. Hashtags (like the one for our sponsor, #lexus) are there for groupings, like a keyword. You can click a hashtag and see all the things that people have tweeted on that subject.

Who Should I Follow for Good Twitter Times?
@CHOW, of course. A few others we like:

That should get you started. Now get started! First tweet on deck: What are you eating right now? Tweet it to @CHOW and include the hashtag #lexus. Here’s a sample: “@CHOW lentils, bananas, mini milky way bars, and milk. #lexus”

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