I love snacking on nuts. People complain, “But nuts are so fatty!” Yeah, I guess so. But then, so is your $6 crappuccino frothamocha, and I don’t mock you over that, do I? Wait, I just did. Anyhoo, why not go for broke and snack not just on fatty nuts, but on fatty nuts frosted with sweet, sweet honey and tangy orange essence? Oh, are these ever good. The almonds are ultrafresh and crunchy, lightly roasted so they offer nice chewy resistance to the tooth. The honey flavor is fresh and buttery, not cloying; the orange has the delicate bouquet of orange blossoms. Heaven.

Rodin is in Modesto, California, and offers scores of other flavored nut varieties on its website; it also runs stands at farmers’ markets all over Northern California. Orange honey is my favorite, but other people crave the butter toffee and the chili and lemon.

Rodin Orange Honey Almonds, $6 for 11 ounces

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