When you are really dedicated to a project, one of the first things you must do in this day and age is register the appropriate domain name. That’s how the world knows that you are truly sincere about your desire to make, for example, an enormous muffin. EnormousMuffins.com documents three friends’ belief that “life is better lived large.” So large, indeed, that they decide to bake a blueberry muffin in a flower pot, with a “brief foray into dinosaur shaped muffins.”

Who are these friends? They decline to identify themselves, even though the muffin is something to be proud of, having baked four hours and weighing 11 pounds. Also no word on how the enormous muffin tasted. Some wiggle room for hope is left, however, in the fact that the website URL is in the plural. Perhaps more enormous muffins are in our future.

If you’re inspired by EnormousMuffins.com, you should know that the domain names www.giganticpancakes.com and www.trulyhugepizza.com appear to be available.

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