Some Chowhounds love aloe vera juice. “I’m so addicted to it,” says kpaxonite. “Really? What the heck am I drinking then?” wonders icey. The kind of aloe vera juice that comes from jugs in the health food store is “the most vile thing I have ever tasted in my life,” says icey. “I try to dilute it with water and lemon but it doesn’t help.”

The stuff that kpaxonite and other hounds are addicted to is not the pure aloe vera gel sold in jugs for health purposes, though. It’s sweetened juice sold in beverage bottles, alongside sodas and bottled iced teas. The good stuff “has honey or other flavours added (lychee, pomegranate) and it’s very refreshing and addictive,” says BamiaWruz. “It isn’t very cheap so I don’t buy it all the time but I would love to. Much better than soft drinks for sure, and so yummy!” And porkbutt03 loves that the chunks of aloe have the texture of the inside of a grape.

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