Journeyman has now been open for exactly one week in Somerville’s Union Square, launched by a husband-and-wife pair of new restaurateurs who have, according to mightywombat, cracked the code on their first try.

The space itself is soaring and stylish, with wooden (noise-dampening!) panels covering one wall, floor-to-ceiling windows another, and a hanging garden in front. The fare here is prix fixe: three courses for $39, five for $65, seven for $85 (wine pairings extra, naturally). There’s an option for vegetarians along with the regular offerings for, as the restaurant’s website puts it, “omnivores.” And Journeyman does mean omnivores: “this is truly a snout to tail type of restaurant, and you may not know from the menu which part of the animal that you’re getting,” warns cambridgejen. “If you’re ok with being surprised by a dish featuring pig’s head or veal heart, then that’s great. If you think you may have trouble with some of those less common parts of the animal, then it’s best to ask a lot of questions upfront or just play it safe and order the vegetarian tasting.”

mightywombat did indeed stick to the vegetarian menu. The appetizer was egg custard, with fried shallots on top and diced preserved duck egg. “The silkiness of the custard made a great foil for the crispiness of the tiny fried shallots.” Next came a “stunning” main of grilled hen of the woods mushrooms alongside agnolotti filled with a smooth paste of eggplant and garlic and topped with “a dash of wheat foam.” Dessert was a plateful of confections in the flavors of plum, lime, and coffee, plus a sort of a dessert amuse-bouche: “There was a quarter-sized sugar/butter cookie, a little cube of something like preserved apricot, and a tiny, round morsel of warm chocolate cake. All three were incredible, the perfect way to end the meal.”

Journeyman [North of Boston]
9 Sanborn Court, Somerville

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