Hounds argue quite often on the board whether Boston’s finest burger is to be found at Craigie’s, Neptune, or Radius, and The Food Buster is here to tell you—emphatically!—that Radius is the champ.

That burger is “sheer perfection,” sighs Buster. “The meat is not just cooked perfectly, but it is succulent as can be. The onions give some great oil and a phenomenal crunch in every bite. The buns never give out in any way. Best of all, though, the sauce leaves you with a complex symphony of flavors, like a yogurt mixed with pepper, spice, and some tang.”

But is it worth a jaw-dropping $19? “Perfection has a price,” argues Buster, who points out that the restaurant’s ambiance is “classy enough for you to have a 7-course meal in,” yet “casual enough for you to go in there with jeans and a T-shirt for a drink and a burger.” One side has couches for the burger-eaters; the other has tables and candlelight for those on dates.

The Radius burger does have its detractors. MC Slim JB hates the brioche buns, while others rate the burger just so-so. Buster concedes that the place can be hit-or-miss. But when it’s a hit, it’s clearly a home run.

Radius [Financial District]
8 High Street, Boston

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