Making aioli by hand can be a painstaking process: You must begin by incorporating oil drip by drip with puréed garlic and egg yolk until you achieve emulsification, before you can start dribbling in your oil a bit faster, says FED, who feels the handmade version is worth the extra effort for its “luxurious texture.”

But maria lorraine has a method of making aioli in a food processor, which she claims “takes 3 minutes max.” She starts by processing two egg yolks for 1 full minute to release the lecithin, which is the emulsifier. Then add olive oil in a needle-thin stream that hits the processor blade as you pour it in. Once you have added enough oil to achieve an emulsion, the mixture will thicken and you will hear a change in sound as it begins slapping the sides of the bowl. Stop the processor and add the garlic, salt to taste, and any other ingredients you want, then process them.

You should add garlic a little bit at a time, as it’s easy to add too much, says maria lorraine. Also, the flavor can intensify to the point of inedibility if it’s stored for long, according to JonParker. And hill food gives his aioli a mellower garlic flavor by using roasted garlic so “that raw bite is softened.”

Finally, maria lorraine recommends this review of aioli technique.

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