Tarragon has a “pleasant, sweet flavor that works with chicken, shrimp, and tuna salads that are not otherwise over-spiced,” says Veggo, who adds that tarragon butter is an ideal accompaniment for burgers. Just mix tarragon into melted butter then refrigerate it. Caroline1 suggests an alternative method: Mash the tarragon into room-temperature butter, roll it into a log in plastic wrap, and freeze to preserve maximum flavor. You can dress grilled meat with big slabs of the stuff.

smartie likes tarragon in creamed soups, “such as mushroom, or carrot and parsnip.” WCchopper loves pickled beets in a tarragon-infused white wine vinegar, and goodhealthgourmet agrees that tarragon does wonderful things for beets.

The classic use for tarragon, says Caroline1, is béarnaise sauce, which is basically a hollandaise sauce with tarragon flavoring the egg yolks. “Quirky soul that I am,” says Caroline1, “I LOOOVE eggs Benedict with béarnaise sauce instead of hollandaise.”

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