Lunasia is the place for high-end dim sum experimentation, says pleasurepalate. Whether your desire be foie gras dumplings or a dumpling interpretation of sweet potato pie, Lunasia is your place.

Their savory pastries are excellent, from the lovely crunch of bacon ginger scallion pie to the duck pie, with a nice flaky pastry around a deeply marinated duck filling.

The standards are excellent too, including lotus-wrapped sticky rice, with appropriately sticky rice, filled with the flavor of pork and shrimp. Tofu with abalone sauce seems to satisfy all. Salt and pepper fried chicken wings and salt and pepper tofu are both cooked to crispy perfection, says pleasurepalate. Best of all: Macao roasted pork belly, with crisp skin and juicy meat.

And the space is lovely, says liu. “It is clean, spacious and soothing … and much in contrast with the usual dim sum chaos!” The service may be slow, but liu appreciates it. “Their ‘slower service’ … is contagious; I like that it slows me down and in doing so, I am able to appreciate the experience that much more. It is in this slower gear that I can really taste the flavors.”

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine [San Gabriel Valley]
500 W. Main Street, Alhambra

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