“There used to be a place called Dizi House in Westwood,” explains Jerome. The specialty, dizi, was a fabulous concoction. “You got a pot of cooked lamb shoulder, chickpeas, herbs, etc. and a separate bowl of soup. And a mallet. And you ground up the solids into a paste that you sopped up with the flat Persian tandur bread. And you tore the bread up into little tiny dumpling sized pieces and put them into the soup.”

Well, Dizi House is gone, but the dizi spirit goes on at
Canary Chicken. They grind the dizi for you, which makes it slightly less fun. But it’s still great. They have a terrific selection of kebabs and stews, too.

Canary Chicken House [Westwood]
1942 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles

Board Link: Dizi aka Ab Goosht at Canary Chicken in Westwood

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