Mattapoisett in LA is yet another displaced East Coaster longing for a slice of home. And he’s found, recently, that there are some places that are good enough—“while the options are not near the best I’ve ever had, they are a reasonable substitute.” His latest find: LaRocco’s Pizzeria.

The crust is “thin, strong, and floppy,” but not quite as crispy and flavorful as his gold standard, Boston’s original Pizzeria Regina. What sets this pizza apart is the sauce: It’s got plenty of flavor, and enough acid to cut through the rest of the ingredients.

There’s only one size, an 18-inch pie. It’s $15, and additional toppings are $1.75 each. The garlic knots are good, too: tasty bread drowning in garlic and olive oil.

LaRocco’s Pizzeria [Westside–Inland]
3819 Main Street, Culver City

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