Thank you, SFoodie, for breaking the silence and saying what we were all thinking: WTF on that Widmer Brothers Brewing press stunt? Yes, several Bay Area food media outlets received cardboard mailing tubes containing three-feet-long bourbon-barrel staves with an invitation to a release party for a new beer nailed to them. As SF Weekly food critic Jonathan Kauffman put it in his post: “What in the #$^@ do I do with a piece of charred wood?” Well, Kauffman, we’ll take your stave, and raise you a coffin.

Earlier this month, we received an invitation to a Halloween “Glampire” ball at Jordan Vineyard & Winery—in the form of a parchment scroll that came in its own specially crafted wooden coffin. There was also a USB drive in the shape of a wooden cross containing additional party information and a video, and the coffin was wrapped in a silver chain with a heart locket.

Are you happy now, Jordan and Widmer? PRESS! It’s happening! Feel the magic! I want to know: Is it worth the five figures you put into these campaigns? (Note: I do not know how much the campaigns cost. This is a guesstimate.)

Photograph by Chris Rochelle

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