There has been much lamentation on the boards about the loss of Jay’s Jayburger—home of the chili burger like no other. “Jay’s genius was in combining the crispness of a veg-intensive California burger with the flavors of a chiliburger,” explains condiment.

For those of you still aching for Jay’s, there is now a close substitute: Art’s. The chili dog is almost the same, says Burger Boy. “If I closed my eyes, I was sitting on a stool at Santa Monica & Virgil with Shmitty asking me if I wanted another.” The dog has a great snap, and the chili is very, very close to Jay’s. Art makes it himself.

TonyC has tried all these joints, and he thinks the best chili burger is at Yanakis; the “wholly-Greek owned stand still churns out their own chili daily.”

Art’s [San Gabriel Valley]
11629 Valley Boulevard, El Monte

Yanakis Burgers [San Gabriel Valley]
13200 Valley Boulevard, La Puente

Board Link: Almost Jay’s Jay Burgers

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