I’ve been known to complain now and again over the struggle to find a pepper grinder that is actually attractive (I don’t care how useful those one-handed rabbit ear things are, they’re ugly as sin). If you’re in the same boat, the quest is over. You can now find a pepper grinder so pretty you might just want to put it on the mantel of your fireplace and call it art.

Naturally, such beauty and usefulness struck a chord with the folks over at Apartment Therapy’s Kitchn blog, who raved about the new grinders:

They are from Jabou Designs, a design group that creates these mills out of sustainably harvested wood from near their Santa Cruz, California, location. They have three separate lines of mills that combine architectural and sculptural sensibilities with advanced Danish ceramic grind mechanism.

They’re simply gorgeous, though, and we think that they might make a very beautiful and useful housewarming gift.

Art and utility: What more could you want? That ugly plastic rabbit-ear pepper grinder should be running scared.

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