Warning: If you click on the link that leads you to the Guardian’s insanely hard food quiz, you may end up in tears. After all, you’re on CHOW, so you probably know quite a bit about food already.

But the diabolical Sudi Pigott, who penned last year’s How to Be a Better Foodie, has crafted a set of 40 questions that range from the merely challenging to the ridiculous. Some, like “What is burrata?,” can be sussed out pretty easily. Others, like “Which pungent ingredient has its own festival on the Isle of Wight every August …?,” might be easy—if you are on the UK side of the pond. (Hint: There’s an annual festival for it in Gilroy, California, too.)

It’s when Pigott gets into the arcana about individual chefs that things become really tricky. Can I not have my foodie credential unless I know which famous chef is obsessed with gadgets?

Go ahead, try your own luck and let us know what you score.

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