It doesn’t seem like a great idea to open a bar named Geisha adjacent to Chinatown in Oakland—or anywhere, really—but there it is. Taste may be an issue, but not tastiness. The bar has added food to its lineup and so far, so good, says hilrock.

Four-cheese mac ‘n’ cheese has truffle oil and porcini mushrooms. “Better than heroin,” says hilrock. The Kobe burger is meaty and flavorful, yet “not so greasy that it hurts your belly.” And tempura salmon rolls star high-quality salmon, done sushi-rare, with a wasabi dipping sauce. Prices are $6 to $12.

hilrock also recommends the Dragonfly cocktail, with Bombay gin, fresh grapefruit and lime juices, and a splash of tonic for $7.

Geisha [East Bay]
316 14th Street, Oakland
[No phone available]

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