Just last week we featured a place that makes delectable-sounding al pastor with pineapple, but after visiting Los Portales, DezzerSF declares, “This is surely the best Al Pastor in the Tri-City, but I’d put it near the top of my list that I’ve tried.”

Yes, there’s a pineapple atop the spit, and you get a slice with your taco. “The seasoning here is subtle, but complex,” says Dezzer, “with a good bbq flavor from the spit.”

“I also tried the carnitas, which was shredded, nice and crispy outside, but still tender. The pork had very good flavor, not too oily, and their excellent salsa verde complemented the taco.”

There are at least three good salsas—verde, fresca, and chipotle—as well as the usual radishes and peppers. Tacos are on the pricey side, though: $2.20 each.

Taqueria Los Portales [East Bay]
36782 Cedar Boulevard, Newark

Board Link: Tacos Al Pastor @ Los Portales (Newark)

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