Melanie Wong’s favorite banh mi is at Huong Lan, but now she’s also discovered the restaurant’s cha siu. The San Jose location has a full-on Cantonese barbecue stand, “with hanging ducks and the usual suspects, plus some more Viet-centered steam-table items.”

“My mom bought some of the cha siu (barbecue pork) by the pound and we liked it very much. Not fatty, but still tender and full of flavor. Not surprising, as the bbq pork sandwich is one of our favorite options here.”

manda adds that the marinated, cooked chicken gizzards are a tasty deal: $2.50 for at least a pound.

Huong Lan Sandwiches [South Bay]
1655 Tully Road, San Jose

Board Link: Cha Siu @ Huong Lan #1, San Jose

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