Kenneth Mack Anderson is one lucky man. The 61-year-old regular at the Coffee House, a Wilkesboro, North Carolina, diner, was enjoying his dinner and reading a newspaper when a van crashed through the restaurant’s front wall. Anderson’s booth hurtled eight feet across the room, coming to rest against the diner’s counter. Amazingly, Anderson was unhurt but for a few cuts and scrapes. The whole thing was caught on video. After the crash, Anderson appears to give the car an annoyed look, and then picks up his hat, which got knocked off in the impact, and puts it back on his head.

Anderson, who says he was “shot at in Vietnam, jumped out of airplanes and everything, but never had nothing like that happen to me,” is remarkably good-natured about his ordeal. The restaurant’s gumball machine, which always includes one marked candy that gives patrons a free meal if they get it, shattered and scattered gumballs everywhere. Anderson figures he won the free meal by default. At least, he says, “I didn’t get to pay nobody before I left.”

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