Here at the Grinder, we’ve already discussed Caduceus Cellars, the vineyard run by Maynard James Keenan of the heavy art-rock band Tool. And we know all about that black metal baking blog the Black Oven. So we’re not shocked by the Washington Post’s extensive profile of Andy Myers, a metalhead sommelier who works at CityZen—and appreciates thrash metal bands like Rumpelstiltskin Grinder as much as fine Burgundies. If you’ve seen the guy in his pinstripe suit, even if you noticed his silver skull cuff links, you probably wouldn’t guess that he’s covered with tattoos:

His body art extends from his knees to his elbows, depicting, among other things, a demon head, Captain America and, on his butt, a blowing wind. Myers is probably the only sommelier in Washington with such an ink spread, not to mention a lifelong passion for heavy-metal music. Under his suit, he’s wearing a black T-shirt printed with the name of a band called Goat Whore, which he describes as an ‘extremely heavy death-metal band’ with a penchant for satanic lyrics.

The right side of his chest is decorated with “a bottle of wine on a bistro table in the French countryside.” This is a man who literally keeps wine close to his heart. The article also introduces us to a pair of Myers’s loyal customers, who enjoyed a $725 bottle of 1989 Chateau Angelus, “which Myers had suggested by describing its taste as having hints of bologna and papadum.” Apparently, they always love his descriptions, lunch meat references and all.

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