This week’s Tweet What You Eat sweepstakes starts NOW! Tweet what you’re eating to @CHOW, include the #lexus hashtag, and five lucky tweetin’ eaters will win $200. You have till midnight tonight (see the fine print).

What You’re Eating Is Trending to Good
We are proud to declare that our Twitter followers have excellent taste. In last week’s Tweet What You Eat contest, you sent many tweets into the world describing meals, snacks, or bites. And many of them sounded very good. Five of you will win $200 each, to spend on something delicious, we hope.

If your tweet did not net you the $200 you hoped it would, try again today. And then try again next week, and the following week. Four Thursdays in September! Four chances to win $200!

Here is our ad hoc, unscientific trend report; we will have more data to report over the next three Thursdays, as our Tweet What You Eat contest continues.

68 percent of you were eating something home-cooked.
23 percent of you were eating something sweet.
.04 percent of you were eating hummus.
12 percent were eating chicken.

Things that were weird:
Homemade lasagne cupcakes
Freeze-dried neapolitan ice cream

Things that were homemade:
Beef jerky
Barbecue sauce
Squash relish
Fig nut bar
Strawberry ice cream
Lasagne cupcakes
Grape newtons
Dulce de leche caramel popcorn

Conclusion: The arc of the edible universe is long, but it bends toward delicious.

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