Rarely has a baked good moved me to tears, but the cakes—or at least the writing about them—on the blog Cake Wrecks did it for me. The anonymous blogger behind Cake Wrecks has a knack for finding professional pastries that have, as the subtitle puts it, gone “horribly, hilariously wrong.”

Take this perilous plaid number, a wedding cake disaster if there ever was one. The comparison photos between what the bride wanted and what she got are heartbreakingly gut-busting. Then there’s the Freudian slip cake, which implies that poor Sasha may not in fact be missed as much as she’d like to think.

The cautionary tales of proofreading your icing are manifold on Cake Wrecks. After all, who wants to be told “Congratulations: It a Gril!” Or “Congratulations on your weeding”? Unless, you know, that was some really great weeding.

My very favorite Cake Wrecks post, however, is the rather long tale of the curious fireman’s hose, in which a random decision at work creates bonding with complete strangers.

Cake Wrecks has also introduced me to the most amazing cake candle ever: the Musical Flower Candle.

Thank you, Cake Wrecks. And thank you, kolophon at MetaFilter.

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