BikeToEat orders organic rendered lard from Many Hands Organic Farm, where it costs around $15 a quart plus shipping. “It smells very piggy,” says BikeToEat. “But after cooking it doesn’t taste nearly as piggy as it smells out of the container.” Unfortunately, the farm is sold out of lard for 2008, but you can get on the mailing list for next year.

Mexican grocery stores often sell house-rendered lard, notes Ruth Lafler, while jlafler has had luck finding it at her local farmers’ market.

And you can always render lard yourself. Just buy fresh pork fat from your butcher (even a supermarket butcher might be able to supply you with some), and render it in a pan over very low heat, or in the oven at around 300°F, recommends edburns. CHOW contributor Daniel Duane demonstrates his method here.

sebetti says Flying Pigs Farm is an excellent source of unrendered leaf lard, before asking, “Is it weird that I ordered it for my husband as part of his birthday present?”

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