A perfect Mojito is a matter of taste, says sku, whose own taste is to use Rich Simple Syrup rather than granulated sugar. sku also says you should avoid the bitter flavors that come from aggressively muddled mint: “Muddle it gently but consistently until you get a big whiff of mint when you stick your nose in the glass.”

ShadowedOne likes to use a simple syrup made with Demerara sugar (an unprocessed, natural sugar) to add a more complex flavor. davis_sq_pro uses a preminted simple syrup to give a stronger mint flavor. Just simmer mint leaves along with the sugar when making your syrup, then strain.

MichaelG dispenses with the syrup altogether and simply uses good-quality limeade, like Odwalla or Newman’s Own, adding that the best limeades use agave as a sweetener. And barleywino goes so far as to use maple syrup instead of simple syrup, and even sneaks in some muddled fresh Bing cherries and a bit of Averna liqueur in place of the lime. “Nice,” says 2top, “but you can’t call that a mojito.”

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