Sam’s on Court Street is one of those old-school neighborhood perennials that Chowhounds rarely mention, but guttergourmet thinks it belongs in New York’s never-ending pizza conversation, right up there with the most celebrated places in Brooklyn and beyond. “Beautiful pizza, precious place,” guttergourmet writes.

curly30 agrees, calling it “the most underappreciated pie in the neighborhood. It’s really first rate and you can’t beat the throwback, one-of-a-kind charm of the place.” This includes the mock-gruff service and a sign on the wall that reads: “Today’s special menu: 1. Take it. 2. Leave it.” It’s also safe to venture beyond pizza, suggests fishermb, who is a “huge fan” of Sam’s scungilli fra diavola.

TBird strongly disagrees, describing Sam’s pizza as “average at best,” and adding that places like this are the reason non-Brooklynites “don’t get” Brooklyn pizza.

Meanwhile, down in Bensonhurst and Gravesend, Brklynbobby puts in a word for another sleeper, the Sicilian pie at Italia on Kings Highway. “The crust is lighter than air and the sauce is heaven,” says Brklynbobby.

Sam’s [Cobble Hill]
238 Court Street (at Baltic Street), Brooklyn

Italia [Gravesend]
307 Kings Highway (at W. Sixth Street), Brooklyn

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