Activia Dessert

Activia Dessert

I Paid: $2.69 for four 4-ounce containers (prices may vary by region)

Taste: 4 stars

Marketing: 4 stars

Activia, the yogurt made famous by actress Jamie Lee Curtis for, you know (makes fluid but vague waving motion down toward bowels), has broadened its brand footprint. Its new line of dessert yogurts promises all the intestinal speeding of the classic stuff with the satisfyingly sweet meal-ending power of dessert.

Samples of three flavors all provided surprisingly pleasant results. Vanilla Bean had some convincing vanilla flavor, a rich smooth texture, and—like all the varieties I tried—a combination of yogurt tang and balanced, moderate sweetness. Strawberry Cheesecake had small, pleasant chunks of fruit and a natural-tasting strawberry flavor; likewise, Peach Cobbler emphasized mild, honest tastes of peach. These aren’t rich, full desserts that will completely satisfy an aggressive sweet tooth. But they’re not hollow-tasting diet brownies or 100-calorie portions that disappear in seconds, leaving only sadness and desire in their wake.

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