Psst. Looking for a cheap (free, even, in many cases) source of protein that’s easy on the environment? Get ready for some tiny, delicious Buffalo wings, ’cause you’re gonna be eating pigeon!

Over at the Wired Science blog, Alexis Madrigal muses on “The Next Step in Local Eating”: the pigeon.

After all, he notes, pigeons are descendants of the passenger pigeon, which went extinct because it was just too tasty to live. And not only that, but because they basically eat garbage, “Pigeons are direct waste-to-food converters, like edible protein weeds, that leave droppings that could be used as fertilizer as a bonus.”

Of course, like other once-déclassé delights, they may need a different name. And how in the heck are you supposed to prepare the little buggers?

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