The new, family-owned Donut du Jour makes light, nongreasy doughnuts that rival those at Stan’s, says Claudette. The glazed old-fashioned, chocolate sprinkled, and “Boston-cream-pieish” varieties all make the grade. Each is only about three bites’ worth, nice for a snack.

buoncibo tried a raspberry-filled one that was “soft and plump, with a good amount of filling,” and also sampled an apple fritter that had “good amounts of cinnamon, but could have used more apples.”

“The early bird gets the coconut cream-filled doughnut rolled in burnt coconut,” notes rworange, who points out that the place opens at 5 a.m. and closes at noon weekdays, or 1 p.m. on weekends.

Just down the street at the new Esther’s German Bakery, the German coffee is nice and strong says Claudette, and “the salted and sesame pretzels were the best pretzels I’d ever had in the U.S., but not nearly as good as the ones I’d had in Germany.” Among the pastries, bee sting cake has a delicious custard filling and caramelized almond topping.

Donut du Jour [South Bay]
108 State Street, Los Altos

Esther’s German Bakery [South Bay]
987 N. San Antonio Road, Los Altos

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