“You’ll know you’re at the right place when you drive up at the former Taco Bell and see the patio full of patrons and the parking lot overflowing with cars and (mostly) trucks,” says degustateur. That place is El Cabrito.

The name means “baby goat,” and that’s what they serve. A half goat will run you $250—feeding about 35 people—and a whole goat costs $425. Those who aren’t throwing some sort of wild goat party can buy the goat in smaller chunks, at $18.50 a pound.

You can even specify your cut. “The meat came with all the trimmings: a lively salsa, an awesome dark burnt sienna–colored chile oil/paste, onions, cilantro, radishes, limes, and a large cup of consommé,” says degustateur.

The goat meat is “perfectly cooked—tender, juicy and clearly of very high quality,” says degustateur. “No doubt, this animal was as well bred as it was prepared.” The consommé is sublime; “the savory results of an extended and deliberate cooking process were evident in each dip and every sip,” says degustateur. “Layered, complex, not oily, and only mildly spiced to preserve the exquisite natural umami.”

El Cabrito [Little Saigon]
1604 W. First Street, Santa Ana

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