True chocolate-lovers should start scanning the airfares to Santa Fe. Chocolate bliss awaits you there, at Kakawa Chocolate House.

The shop is the work of Mark Sciscenti: “chocolate historian, chocolate alchemist, chocolate artisan, chocolate lecturer, baker, herbalist,” according to an AP article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. There you can order one of 23 different chocolate drinks (Kakawa calls them elixirs), based on centuries-old recipes from Mesoamerica, Colonial America, and Europe. They go by names such as Aztec Warrior, Mayan Full Spice, and 1644 Spanish.

Sciscenti says his elixirs allow “the true flavors of the chocolate to come forward, and all the nuanced flavors can build up into a crescendo on the palate, on the tongue, and have a long-lasting, lingering effect.” He says that customers don’t want to leave, and that they walk out “blissed-out.”

Who was it who said we should all follow our bliss? The road might just lead to Santa Fe. For the rest of us, Kakawa does accept online orders. Perhaps you might be able to arrange to have chocolate bliss show up on your doorstep.

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