There are times I think this whole foodie thing has gotten out of control. The July issue of Common Ground magazine has an article about Barrie Lynn (a.k.a. the Cheese Impresario) and how she hosted a wine and cheese pairing for children ages seven to twelve. Granted, they sipped grape juice instead of wine (“several all-natural varietal grape juices served in long-stemmed glassware,” in fact), but really, does the elementary school set need to be doing such things? The photo that ran with the article shows a little girl looking not at all happy about the piece of cheese in front of her face, and is just begging for the caption: Mom, do I really need to eat this stinky thing?

(Mother’s response: Yes, child. If you don’t start now you’ll never get into Le Cordon Bleu.)

I don’t disagree with Ms. Impresario when she says that “parents should aim to hook kids on food appreciation before they become hooked on sugar, fat and plain old compulsive indulgence,” but part of me thinks this might be a bit over the top. Can’t we just feed our kids delicious and healthy foods and let them play and be young? Can’t we wait until at least high school before the “wine” and cheese pairings begin?

Am I overreacting here? Anyone think this is a good idea?

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