I just spent $40 on jam—jam! I know it sounds crazy and extravagant; nobody ever died for lack of jam (bread, maybe, but not jam). The thing is, it’s worth every penny.

I was skeptical last year when I heard raves about the apricot jam made by two guys who called themselves We Love Jam. Food & Wine magazine wrote it up as “Waiting-List Jam,” and indeed you had to sign up ahead of time for the privilege of buying a jar (they were only making 100 jars). I was sure it wouldn’t live up to the hype, but like a good foodie trendster I got in line.

This year the distribution is larger, and it’s a good thing because this jam is worth the cost. It looks like liquid gold—but the flavor is even more priceless. Made from once popular and now somewhat endangered Blenheim apricots grown in the Santa Clara Valley of California, this is jam and flavor like you’ve never imagined. But don’t just take my word for it; the San Francisco Chronicle reports that We Love Jam’s products have “developed a near-cult following with fans in places like Greece and South Korea, and a lengthy waiting list. For jam.”

We Love Jam recently sent out its newsletter saying the new jam is on its way, and I’ve already put in my order for some jars. I know it’s worth the wait. I just hope I’m ahead of the fans from Greece and South Korea.

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