The rash of new dumpling restaurants around Garfield has mostly disappointed exilekiss—until Noodle House. The dumplings are handmade to order: exilekiss put in an order for baozi (steamed buns and dumplings), walked over to the open kitchen, and watched the staff start kneading the dough for the buns and rolling out the skins for the dumplings.

Yu ruo shwei jiao (fish, pork, and vegetable dumplings) are transcendent, says exilekiss. And the filling—tender minced gray sole, ground pork, and diced yellow leeks—“was melt-in-your-mouth.” Baozi are equally fresh, outstanding in texture, and moist, with a perfect degree of light chew. Pumpkin-shrimp dumplings are a real winner, says Frommtron, packed with whole shrimp and shredded pumpkin. Seafood jiazi (with shrimp, sea cucumber, and whitefish) is “OUTSTANDING,” says J.L.

Fish ball noodle soup came with “the best fish balls I have ever eaten,” says Chandavkl. “Not dense at all, which I presume means more fish and less starch.”

Nio jing tahng mien (beef tendon noodle soup) is excellent, and smells amazing. While the noodles aren’t hand-pulled, they are made from scratch, and are fresh, soft, delicately textured, and superbly paired with the broth, says exilekiss.

The manager and chef are proud of the fact that Noodle House uses no MSG, ever. Be prepared to wait, though. Since the dumplings and buns are made from scratch, it takes about 25 minutes to get your food, in the best of circumstances. exilekiss even recommends staggering your order, placing one every 5 to 10 minutes, so the food comes out one by one, and you can enjoy everything at its peak of freshness.

And it’s all incredibly affordable. “On average we spent ~$7.50 per person (*including* tax and tip already). Their prices are so low for the legendary quality of their food, it’s ridiculous,” says exilekiss.

Noodle House (Mian Hsiang Yuan) [San Gabriel Valley]
958 E. Garvey Avenue, Monterey Park

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