Commonwealth may be run by Bar Tartine alums, but the food is reminiscent of Commis—at a lower price point, says daveena.

“Dinner here was simply marvelous: it is perhaps among the best meals I’ve ever had in San Francisco,” raves SouthToTheLeft.

The food is fresh, seasonal, and innovative without sacrificing tastiness. Like the restaurant’s substitute for a breadbasket: light and crisp house-made potato chips with seaweed flakes. Then there are the great starters. “The tomato salad was genius,” SouthToTheLeft says. “Full of heirloom tomatoes, five different kinds of basil, black olive crumble, smoked bread, some sea salt, and a deliciously light and creamy Idiazabal cheese; all of the flavors came together to produce a near orgasmic bite.” Rich and refreshing chilled summer squash soup is another knockout, hounds say, with extra dimension from vadouvan and fried blossoms.

Guinea hen with prawns, spinach, artichoke, and a chocolate-almond emulsion “was delicious in every way,” says Porthos, adding, “the hen in fact was as well cooked as Manresa’s version a few nights later.”

“The squid stuffed with marrow and tamarind pork was delicious, and tasted surprisingly like squid stuffed with juicy, delicious hamburger,” says …tm…. Both the uni-corn (get it?) custard and the light, creamy gnocchi with truffles highlight caramelized corn. daveena notes that the gnocchi is a dead ringer for a dish formerly served at Bar Tartine, but it doesn’t mesh well with the rest of the menu.

For dessert, don’t miss the cinnamon mille-feuille with house-made cardamom marshmallow and honey ice cream.

There is a tasting menu for $60 ($90 with wine pairings), with $10 going to charity, but singleguychef notes that the regular menu seems like a better way to go: “You get a bit more portion[wise] and there are just as creative dishes on the regular menu [when] compared to the tasting.”

Commonwealth [Mission]
2224 Mission Street, San Francisco

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