At officially designated Olympic restaurants in Beijing, dog meat is off the menu. The Associated Press reports:

Beijing tourism officials are telling other outlets to discourage consumers from ordering dishes made from dogs, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Friday.

Waiters and waitresses should ‘patiently’ suggest other options to diners who order dog, it said, quoting city tourism bureau Vice Director Xiong Yumei.

The AP story doesn’t delve too deeply into the details, but the Epi-Log claims that the meat of man’s best friend has been banned “Out of respect for Western dining mores.”

Anyone who’s had a pup that he or she has treated like a person is probably shuddering at the idea of a kitchen that prepares canine meat—and we’ve discussed the whole dog-as-meat topic before—but if you’re curious, a few Chowhounds have taken the time to share their real-life dog-eating experiences. Polecat describes dog meat as “light brown strands of chewy beef” that “tasted fine, not unlike other animal meats,” but brattenheimer describes it as “dry and gamey.”

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