Why are we so fat? Maybe it’s because we’re actually just flying through space eating junk food and watching television.

But probably not. Obesity and its causes and repercussions have inspired rivers of ink to be spilled—lots of it featuring contradictory theories. Don’t you wish you could get a summary of all the current research on fatness in one easy place?

In the Los Angeles Times, Karen Ravn has helpfully rounded up 10 of the more popular theories on our growing waistlines and contacted obesity and nutrition researchers and professors to confirm or debunk them.

Some of the theories are off the wall, like maybe our slovenly environment is making us fat or maybe it’s low-fat food’s fault. Others are more rational. Check it out and decide for yourself what to blame your pant size on—lack of sleep, a virus, stress. I’m blaming my spread on combo platters and tasty beverages.

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