Once you’ve finished the pickles, there’s no need to waste the liquid left in the jar. It’s a worthy ingredient in its own right, say hounds.

Use leftover pickle brine to make pickled vegetables by adding them to the jar and refrigerating. Quine adds sliced celery and has crunchy celery pickles in a week or so, while Val drops whole peeled garlic cloves in pickle brine.

eamcd uses pickle juice in potato salad: Pour some over the potatoes while they’re hot, and mix some into the mayonnaise for the dressing. phofiend heats pickle juice and pours it over halved hard-boiled eggs, allows them to cool, and serves with a dollop of mayo. greygarious pours it over cooked beans and sliced onion and serves chilled.

Brine livens up meat and cocktails, too: tidecreek brines Cornish hens overnight, then grills, and uptownlibrarian makes pickle juice ice cubes to use in a Bloody Mary.

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